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Why is the split keyboard good for you?

As shown in the picture above, the most prominent feature of the split keyboard is that it’s physically divided into two parts. You can use only half of the keyboard or connect the two halves via a charging cable. So, what are the benefits of this design? How would a keyboard like this benefit you?

One of the main highlights of this design is its super ergonomic feel. The split keyboard can lessen the strains and pains typers experience and potentially lower the possibility of what ergonomists call Ulnar Deviation and Forearm Pronation injury due to excessive use. You can tilt the left and right halves of the split keyboard outward at an angle to best fit your shoulder’s width. It will allow you to open your chest and enable your fingers, palms, wrists, forearms, and elbows to stay in a relaxed typing posture, thus improving your typing accuracy and efficiency.

Secondly, a fully split keyboard can also provide more flexibility. For example, you can use the left part solely for competitive gaming or both parts by connecting them together when typing. Sometimes you can put your trackpad, number pad, tablet, etc., in the middle of the split keyboard to make your other mobile devices more reachable, saving space and eliminating the need to move your hands far to improve your productivity.

In short, the split keyboard could be good for people who want ergonomics, flexibility, and more customization fun on keyboards!

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