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What’s new on K3 version 2?

We will never stop trying to make our keyboard better if we see an opportunity for improvement. That is why we took the innovation of the K3 low-profile wireless mechanical keyboard to the next level. Thanks to the help and feedback from our Keychron customers, we created the K3 V2 by upgrading 3 main components of its predecessor: 

Added a two-level adjustable rubber feet.
Created a new keycap injection mold.
A newly reinforced body structure.

Interested in hearing more? Let’s dive in more about the differences one-by-one. 

We added a two-level adjustable rubber feet to provide more ergonomic support and comfort while you’re cranking out emails or gaming on the new K3. Choose the level you most comfortable for you or just keep the keyboard flat on your desk, we just wanted to give you the option to choose.

This time, we invested and created a brand new keycap injection mold for the new K3. By changing the direction of the low-profile keycap injection in the new keycap mold, the low-profile keycaps look more neat and flat on each side as well as adding a more premium and thick quality feel for the keycaps.

The most vital part worth emphasizing is the newly reinforced body structure, which in general, enhances the whole build quality of the K3 V2. A SGCC galvanized steel plate is attached/fixed on the K3 V2’s plastic bottom frame in order to strengthen the body structure while ensuring a stable wireless transmission capability.

The answer to making the K3 V2 remarkably durable with such an ultra-slim body can be found in its premium materials. We’ve implemented the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy enclosure to serve as a backbone of the K3 V2, so it can be strong enough to withstand strenuous use while still keeping its elegantly slim frame.

Crafted with an anodized matte surface, the refined aluminum alloy on the K3 V2 is considered to have good weldability and resistance. When you carry or type on the K3 V2, you will feel the keyboard is more firm and solid than its previous version.

Since the K3 is an ultra-slim low-profile mechanical keyboard, people may think the quality is not as good as conventional mechanical keyboards. However, the aluminum plate on the K3 bottom housing actually puts weight on the K3 V2, helping to stabilize the K3 more for typing on or carrying around; making it more comfortable and durable to transport.

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