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The famous @mkbhd aka Marques Brownlee’s first K2

The famous Tech and Lifestyle influencer Marques Brownlee has spilled the beans. Have you seen his work desk lately?

In an unfiltered post, the web video producer has taken over social media and posted about his first-ever Mechanical keyboard. With specific needs that he had in mind like Wireless with Bluetooth (and wired option too), narrow arrow key, no Numpad, Mac layout (with Control, Option and Command keys), and Backlight (White and RGB both). And with all these features, his first mechanical keyboard is Keychron K2.

But there is much more to love in Keychron K2. Some of the other cool features include:

– Dual compatibility with Windows and macOS.

– Three Gateron switch options to choose from

The battery capacity of 4000mAh.

– 84-key keyboard with function keys.

He mentioned that Keychron K2 caught his eyes when he first saw it in the review video by @UltraLinx. When asked by one of his followers the honest answer of why he made this purchase, he promptly said, “Mac compatibility honestly shrinks the list of options a LOT.”

And you know what….after his post flaunting his new keyboard, you can actually see glimpses of K2 in his other videos and posts. 


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