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Keychron Keyboards Article Review – August 2020

The Keychron K2 is the mechanical keyboard for Mac I’ve always wanted —— by Shubham Agarwal @digitaltrends            February 8, 2020



The K2 offers everything I want from a keyboard and more. It’s wireless and mechanical, to start off. At a starting price of $69, the Keychron K2 is criminally underpriced, and you can pay a little more to add cosmetic upgrades like RGB backlighting and an aluminum frame.

The Keychron K2 is a keyboard that I never knew could exist. In addition to putting an end to all the common keyboard flaws I’ve grown so fed up with and the perennial ordeal I was stuck in, it goes out of its way with features like the gargantuan battery and quick cross-platform toggles to offer a cohesive and unprecedented typing experience.




[Review] Keychron K4 ——by domi @anotasi       May 9, 2020 



In case you missed it, Keychron is one of the successful Kickstarter projects. They offering the experience to the customer to know how satisfying “thock” sound of the mechanical keyboard. In addition, they also put some features that give uniqueness for the product, such as wireless or wired connectivity, backlight (including RGB), compatibility for macOS, Windows, and Android. With all those features, the prices remain affordable.





Keychron K6 Keyboard Review —— by TammyLLX @medium          May 25



I chose the K6 over Keychron’s other larger keyboards simply because I do not have much desk space and I value the small frame of the K6.

It took roughly 12 days for my keyboard to arrive and my first impression upon opening the box was its great build quality. I was pleasantly surprised by how premium the keyboard felt. Each key is super responsive and stable and I absolutely love the sound these Gateron browns make!





Keychron K8 Mechanical Keyboard —— by Content Manager @55gadgets          June 10, 2020



You’ll never need to buy an entirely new keyboard to test different switches with the hot-swappable version. Though it comes with Gateron switches, you can easily swap different switches in 5 seconds without soldering.

*Compatible with almost all the MX style SMD-LED Mechanical switches, not including optical switches.

The K8 is suitable for home, office, and light gaming use with the Gateron Mechanical red, blue, or brown switch options.





Review: Keychron K2 – Wireless Mechanical Keyboard —— by Om Patel @sonnydickson            July 28, 2020



If you love mechanical keyboards, you’re going to love the Keychron K2. It’s comfortable to type on, and you can customize the lighting effects however you want. It can also control up to three devices at once.

For a wireless mechanical keyboard, this is the one for you.

It offers customizable lighting, wireless connectivity, switchable Mac and Windows layouts and more.The Keychron K2 offers everything you would need from a keyboard and more.

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