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Keychron Keyboard Article Review – November 2023

“Of the keyboards we’ve tested, the Keychron V3, Keychron V5, and Keychron V6 offer the most comfortable typing experience and the most extra features for their reasonable prices. All three have sturdy cases, durable PBT keycaps, and smooth lubricated stabilizers, as well as fun features like RGB backlighting, hot-swappable switches, and full programmability with the easy-to-use VIA software.”

“The Keychron K4 Pro is a relatively compact 96% keyboard offering a separate numeric keypad and a full row of function keys for media use. The brown switches are pretty good for all-round use.”

“At the heart of the Keychron K4 Pro is an ARM Cortex M4 32-bit processor and QMK firmware that enables the keyboard to be extensively programmed so keys can be remapped if necessary.”

“The Keychron Lemokey L3 is a nostalgic gaming keyboard with a retro appearance and powerful gaming features.”

“With its intuitive design and excellent padding, the Lemokey L3 offers a terrific typing experience that is comfortable and doesn’t strain the wrists or fingers.”

“The Keychron Q1 — quiet, stable and simple to customize and configure — has long been our recommendation, and the new Q1 Pro adds Bluetooth connectivity, making it not just the best built and most comfortable to type on out of all the keyboards we’ve tested, but even more convenient.”

“One of the products on offer is the Keychron Q1 Pro, which is quite possibly the best mechanical keyboard I’ve ever used. It’s everything you want in a keyboard and more, including a perfect typing feel, robust chassis, and fantastic Mac software support. Pick one up now with 20% off this Black Friday. If the $175 price point is too high for you, there are a whole host of Keychron options, like the V1 for $60 and the C3 Pro for under $30. There really is a mechanical keyboard for everyone this Cyber Monday.”

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