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Keychron Keyboard Article Review – May 2021
“Low-profile switches and a minimal aluminum body make the Keychron K3 one of the thinnest and lightest mechanical keyboards available today.”
“The Keychron K3 is designed for those looking for a sleeker keyboard setup either for aesthetics or for portable use where you move the keyboard around your home or office environment. Given that the keyboard is an essential part of getting work done, the $84 price is perfect.”

“If your giftee is into mechanical keyboards, one of our favorites is the Keychron K2 because it’s portable, stylish and comes in wireless and wired options.”
“It’s also compatible with both Mac and Windows. Editor-at-large James Trew says it’s a delight to type on, and it doesn’t take up much desk space either.”

“The K3 trims the fat and is a much shallower typing device. I love the slim design, and in person, it looks and feels pretty similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard.”
“Keychron is a brand that has been perfecting modern mechanical keyboards over the years. The cornerstone of its products is that they work with Windows, Macs and pretty much any Bluetooth device.”

Credit: @arthaimage
“The K4 V2 is a wireless keyboard at its heart and supports Bluetooth connectivity. It’s one of the few wireless keyboards that work with Apple MacBooks out of the box.”
“Aside from the above, this wireless mechanical keyboard bundles several extras such as RGB lighting and hot-swappable keys that will let you customize the layout of your keyboard as per your preference.”

“It is a wireless mechanical keyboard that is fully compatible with the Mac, and comes with the option Gateron switches, and can be configured with white or RGB backlighting and an aluminum frame.”
“The K4 is a full-sized keyboard and if you want a more compact option you can try the Keychron K2. Both offer wired connectivity via USB-C and wireless via Bluetooth while the switches themselves can be swapped easily.”

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