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Keychron Keyboard Article Review – January 2023

“Keychron is launching a wireless version of one of its best keyboards. The new Keychron Q1 Pro has a very similar design to the company’s existing Q1 keyboard — which we think is one of the best off-the-shelf keyboards you can buy — with a gasket-mount design and aluminum case.”
“For starters, it cuts the polling rate to 90Hz, down from 1000Hz when connected via USB, meaning you might want to plug in a cable if you’re using it to play a fast-paced game. You naturally also have to worry about battery life when unplugged.”

“The Keychron M3 is an excellent mouse for the money. It’s lightweight and has plenty of customization possibilities to change resolution and responsiveness. I like the way Keychron has offered three ways to connect the mouse.”

“Those LEDs can be disabled if that’s not your thing. If you want an ultra-responsive and super-accurate optical mouse for gaming and general use, look at the Keychron M3.”

“Once you have everything setup, or out of the box if you go fully-assembled, Bluetooth pairing is merely a key-combo away. As noted earlier, you can connect the Q1 Pro to up to three devices of any type thanks to the switch around the back for Windows/Android and MacOS.”

“Regardless, if you wanted a premium aluminum, customizable keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity, the Keychron Q1 Pro is likely your best (if not only) choice right now.”

“First, Keychron made wireless mechanical keyboards. Then it made weighty metal keyboards. It added a twisting knob for good measure. Now, it has combined all those parts together with the Q1 Pro.”
“We didn’t use the Q1 Pro for gaming, but it does have a 1,000Hz polling rate out of the box when using a USB-C cable in wired mode, or 90 Hz polling rate in wireless mode. It also has an ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 chip inside and has 128K Flash for developers.”

“The Keychron Q1 Pro is the latest custom keyboard from the team at Keychron and is the 16th (!!) keyboard in its Q-series line-up. It’s the successor to the original Q1 and carries through the same 75% design while adding Bluetooth connectivity, new switches, new keycaps, and a softer polycarbonate plate for about $20 more than the original, costing $199 fully assembled.”

“The Q1 Pro is a noticeable upgrade from the original Q1. The new plate, switches, and keycaps enhance the typing experience. The Q1 already delivered a soft typing experience, but the extra flexibility is noticeably softer under each key. It’s not a revolutionary upgrade but is a nice enhancement nonetheless.”

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