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Keychron Keyboard Article Review – February 2021

The Keychron K3 is the mechanical keyboard I’ve been waiting for – by Craig Wilson @Input Feb 24, 2021 


“I wanted a keyboard that wasn’t too thick (Looking at you, K2), or too loud, and which didn’t have too large a footprint. So, last October, I jumped at the K3 which Keychron was crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It arrived in February, but it was worth the wait.“  

“One of the K3’s unique selling points is that it only supports low profile switches, and that makes for a far slimmer and shorter keyboard than many other mechanical keyboards.”  


Review: Keychron K2 wireless mechanical keyboard – Is this the best keyboard for the Mac? – by Chris Hauk @Mactrast Feb 28, 2021 


  “Using the Keychron K2 has been an overall enjoyable experience. For the last two months, I have used it on a daily basis, and it has performed quite well.”  

“The Keychron K2 is a solidly-built device, and Mac and Windows users will enjoy the well-built text entry device. Gamers will also appreciate the keyboard’s backlighting options, as well as its reliable input abilities.”


 “Review: Keychron K2 is a classic mechanical keyboard in a modern compact form” – by William Gallagher @appleinsider Feb 27, 2021 


  ” Keychron’s low-profile optical switch version goes further and features hot-swappable caps and keys, meaning you can change both without switching off the keyboard.” 

 ” If you don’t like mechanical keyboards, then the Keychron K3 is not going to change your mind — but it might come close. It’s larger than the kind of chiclet keyboard you get from Apple, yet slimline and small compared to most other mechanical ones.” 


The 6 best bluetooth and wireless portable keyboards of 2021 – by Michelle Rae Uy @Business Insider Feb 23, 2021


  ” Portable mechanical keyboards are uncommon, perhaps largely due to mechanical keyboards’ innate design, which makes the Keychron K3 an even more impressive product.” 

 ” Out of the picks on this list, Keychron K3 might just be my personal favorite, not just because I’ve found it to be the most comfortable and satisfying to type on, but also because of its fun RGB lighting.”


5 best mechanical keyboards for office work under $100 – by Namrata Gogoi @GuidingTech Feb 17, 2021


 ” Secondly, this one is designed for Mac users and has the same layout as your conventional Mac keyword, complete with dedicated keys for Control, Command, and Option keys.” 

” Keychron K2 has earned its share of reviews and has more than 1,500 reviews to its credits. Out of these, it has acquired an average rating of 4.6-stars, with users loving it for its build quality, typing experience, and price-to-value proposition.”


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