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Keychron Keyboard Article Review – August 2023

“The Q1 Pro keeps everything that made the wired Q1 great and makes it wireless. It even does a great job with battery life, so long as you are prepared to sacrifice some RGB.”
“The Keychron Q1 Pro is every bit as premium and well-made as the wired Q1 but also has the added flexibility of wireless. Even if you use it as a wired keyboard most of the time, I still think wireless is worth having as a backup for the relatively small $20 price premium.”

“We’ve been using the K1 Pro for a few weeks and haven’t encountered any sticky keys or bugs. The mushy feeling we felt in the K1 v4 is gone — these keys feel much better to type on and more balanced.”
“The K1 Pro is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a low-profile mechanical keyboard. Good design meets modern technology.”

“The Keychron Q1 is a great wired keyboard, but the Q1 Pro has support for either wired or wireless connections – and yes, that is connections, plural. You can connect to three different Bluetooth devices simultaneously and switch between them with the press of a button.”
“The customization is more than just visual though, and with the fully assembled version you can choose between Keychron’s Red, Brown, and Banana switches.”

Credit: @u/dperabeles
“The Q5 Pro ships with sets of keycaps for both Mac and Windows operating systems, plus a hardware switch on the rear of the keyboard shifts the layout between macOS and Windows.”
“The Keychron Q5 Pro mechanical keyboard is about as compact as you can get with a numeric keypad. It has a handy programmable rotary knob which can be used to adjust volume, monitor brightness or other convenient functions.”

“Cheaper ergonomic keyboards exist, but not by much—and not with the Keychron Q11’s level of customization and more premium materials. It feels good to type on, and its 75-percent size deftly balances the needs of keeb minimalists with folks who need more dedicated keys.”
“With all of its features, the Keychron Q11 is a surprisingly affordable ergonomic mechanical keyboard compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.”

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