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Keychron Keyboard Article Review – April 2024

“If you want a keyboard with a higher-quality aluminum case, and you don’t mind paying quite a bit more for it, we recommend the Keychron Q3 Max, Q5 Max, or Q6 Max. These models provide an excellent typing experience and have a ton of extra features: They can connect via Bluetooth or USB dongle, they’re fully programmable using VIA, and they have RGB backlighting, hot-swappable switches, and a rotary knob. All three models are also available in black and white, to match your aesthetic.”

“I made the jump to a mechanical keyboard this year, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m personally using the Keychron Q5, which features a backlit design, a built-in volume knob, USB-C connectivity, and a customizable design.”

“In addition to those benefits, I’ve found my switch to the Keychron Q5 to be a significant ergonomics improvement. The elevated design has significantly reduced wrist pain during long writing sessions in comparison to something like Apple’s Magic Keyboard.”

“The Q6 Pro is a standout choice if you need a full-size mechanical keyboard with all the extras. It has an all-metal chassis that is built to last, and the gasket-mounted design offers a bounciness that you just don’t get with traditional keyboards. You also get Bluetooth connectivity, outstanding battery life, and the fully assembled model has high-quality keycaps and a tactile switch that’s stellar in daily use. Honestly, there isn’t another full-size keyboard that gives you as much as value as the Q6 Pro.”

“The Lemokey L3 is a fantastic value considering everything that it offers, but it’s still a very premium design, and would also double as a pretty good doorstop. Gamers who want a ton of flexibility in terms of hot-swap switches and keycaps, plus wireless capabilities, will be well-served here.”

“If you’re ready to step up to a premium mechanical keyboard design, one of these Q Max models should be at the top of your list. At the time of writing they’re available in full-size with number pad, TKL, 75%, 65%, and compact “1800” sizes, plus oddball Alice and left-handed models. There’s even a Happy Hacking Keyboard clone version, all of which come with hot-swap switch sockets and RGB lighting.”

“The Keychron K3 Max is an ultra-slim, frameless, low-profile mechanical keyboard that’s ideal for minimalist setups and frequent flyers. No matter the switch type, though, it’s hard to recommend to anyone outside of the tight niche. Keychron claims its K3 Max is one of the world’s thinnest mechanical keyboards. I’m inclined to agree, though it isn’t the smallest keyboard ever.”

“We found the M6 to be a joy to use throughout our time testing the device. The PixArt 3385 sensor means it is supremely responsive while its shape fits comfortably in the hands of right-handed users. It doesn’t offer the low weight of gaming-focused alternatives but its 78g is by no means cumbersome.”

“The Keychron Q Max is the kind of keyboard that makes you think “damn, this is a nice keyboard.” Its quality is immediately apparent: Its full aluminum case is cool to the touch and incredibly sturdy, without a hint of flex. Its PBT-coated keycaps are crisp and curved in a way that gently hugs your fingertips. There’s a tactile volume knob built in. The Gateron Jupiter Brown switches in our test unit are neither too fast nor too stiff, with a delightfully bouncy feel aided by a double gasket structure inside the board. Combined with several layers of internal foam, they make a poppy, marbly sound that’s just lovely.”

“If you (expertly) sawed a mechanical keyboard in two, it would look like the Keychron Q11. You can even push the two halves back together to make it look like a standard, 75 percent mechanical board (though once you discover the expediency of a snack bowl between the halves, I don’t know why you’d do that).”

“This keyboard combines the separation of a split design with the familiarity of the unibody design. To make the learning curve a bit easier, Keychron has included the “B” key on both the left and right-hand sides of the keyboard. There is a switch on the bottom of the keyboard to switch between Mac or Windows mode, and it also comes with customized keycaps for both operating systems, so there is no guessing at keys.”

“Even if your lacking space, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a quality keyboard. Keychron makes a ton of high-value options, and its Keychron K3 takes the company’s knack and applies it to an incredibly compact form factor. The Keychron K3 measures just a hair over one foot across. And, it’s even fairly shallow for a mechanical keyboard still under an inch at its tallest end thanks to its special low-profile Gateron key switches. And, the latest version of this keyboard features two-level adjustable feet, so you’ll still be able to get the ultimate typing angle even with the ultra-slim design.”

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